Sunday, 17 July 2011

Ode to Garfield

The School Magazine has been an endless source of material for this blog. Going through the magazines recently, I've been so impressed by the quality of writing that I'm starting a category dedicated to the writing of our teenage Bards.

Here's one our finest writers, Irene Teo, my classmate, and her "Ode to Garfield", taken from the 1985 School Magazine.

from an admirer

Thou exalted cat!
Thy rolls of fat
o'er feline frame that
slinks (or heaves) through
midnight dark
in home or park.

Thy ever peaceful mien
by sun or moonlight seen
betrays not cunning deeds
performed by thee, who heeds
not lordly man, nor lowly beast.

Thy many escapades
through garden trowels ad spades,
and screen doors low or high
though foe be lurking by,
never fail to amaze
and leave in a daze
thy humble followers.

O cunning, cruel cat!
Mark of thy claw does mat
the hides of foes forlorn,
now wiser than to test
thy anger, whether thou
be at play, or rest.

O Cat!
We remain,
through sun or rain,
thy everlasting admirers.

By Irene Teo, 3C1

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