Thursday, 13 November 2008

Girls, look what I found!

Spring cleaning is a chore that not many people enjoy. But sometimes, we find lovely surprises like old school photos. Cheong May Yee (Class of 1991) recently found some real gems and posted them on Facebook. Thanks for sharing them, May Yee. I'm glad we're back in touch.

So, dive into those dusty old cupboards, drawers and boxes and share those good ol' BBGS memories with us!

Note: Photos and captions by Cheong May Yee

Std 6B - 1986 (School 1)

5A3 - 1991

Merdeka - 1990

Ahhh lepakking in front of the netball court (sick bay wing) hmmm which is now....Christian Dior or is it Prada?!? (Pavilion)

Moira (L) and May Yee (R) at a recent reunion

Monday, 3 November 2008

Calling all Cheerleaders

Hi everyone,
Greetings from sunny California! I'm finally on vacation after completing annual budgeting meetings at corporate HQ in Texas. It's been good fun spending time with my sister Julie, shopping at COACH factory outlets and watching TV. I happened to be watching American football over the weekend when I was reminded of cheerleading. I never had the looks to qualify as a cheerleader (still don't ;-) but had the VOICE of one.

It's good to know that cheerleading is one of the few traditions that have carried over to SBU. Does anyone remember any of the old cheers? Here are some that I recall...

"BBGS Dynamite, don't play with dynamites - yeay, yeay, yeay"

"2-4-6-8 Who do we appreciate? BBGS! (replace with whomever you're cheering for that day)

"Have you got that spirit? Yeay man. Let me see it in your hands. Ooh ah ooh ah ah"

Oh dear...I know these sound really dated so if you remember any more cheers, please share them with me and it will be posted on the blog.

Until next time then, cheerio!