Monday, 5 January 2009

Celebrating 116 years

BBGS turns 116 this year.

In order to celebrate, Back2BBGS is launching Project Kindle.

We are inviting BBGSians to show their love and loyalty by sharing their memories about BBGS. For every story published on this blog, we will light one candle. Our goal is to light 116 candles by the end of 2009. One hundred and sixteen memories preserved for the next generation of children who will never have what we had.

From 1893 - 1999, generations of girls and teachers called BBGS home. If you are one of them, please write down your stories and unearth all those old photos and memorabilia. Send them to with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Years at BBGS e.g. 1977 - 1987
  • What you did after leaving BBGS
  • Your fondest memories, proudest moments, best friends, favourite teachers, timeless traditions, funniest stories, broken rules, secret hideaways, painful short, anything about BBGS
It's up to you to light one candle, preserve one memory.


P/S: Please help spread the word about Project Kindle by sending this link to all the BBGSians you know. Thank you.

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