Saturday, 24 January 2009

Candle 3 : Farida & Fariza Aman

What a wonderful start to the Chinese New Year holidays! My family and I were reunited with the Aman family yesterday. Farida, Fariza, Julie and I have known each other since birth as our mothers are best friends who taught together in BBGS Primary School 2. Hjh Pn Che' Su (or Aunty Che Su to me) taught Bahasa Melayu in the primary school for 34 years and retired as the Supervisor. Her daughters, Farida (class of 1980) and Fariza (class of 1990) are also loyal BBGSians. We haven't seen each other since 1991 when my mother transferred to Penang. Thanks to Facebook, Fariza and I got in touch and arranged to meet at the aptly named Restoran Muhibbah at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.

Best Buddies - Hjh Pn Che Su & Mrs Yeoh were thrilled to see each other

Our mothers talked non-stop for 3 hours. There was so much news to catch up on : other teachers, marriages, grandchildren and a hodge-podge of happy memories.

(L - R) Joanna, Julie, Farida & Fariza

Meanwhile, the "younger" generation didn't waste time catching up about:
  • having to tie up our hair when it reached the collar resulting in silly instances when the ribbons were longer than our hair-stubs
  • kneeling down to check the length of our pinafores
  • the "spirits" of Prouse Wing and the primary school hall
  • writing original poems for Choral Speaking that were shamelessly stolen by the next generation of girls
  • this blog (hooray!)
The reunion was thoroughly enjoyed by all (including our fathers) and we can't wait to meet again. And we'll make sure it won't be another 20 years ;-)


Sasha Lyna said...

Joanna, i don't know how to thank u..ive been trying to get any info on Pn. Che' Su (she was my class teacher back in 1992) since ages.

n to have a pic to go with it..Thank u..thank u..

(ive wrote to her daughter in facebook message, hope i'll get a reply soon) :)

SyaD03 said...

waaaa... Pn Che' Su is my class teacher too! n it was in 1994..! she's one of my fav teacher!! who knows how to contact her..? n where is she now?? hurm..