Thursday, 22 January 2009

Candle 2: Veronica Yap

The story behind Candle No. 2 is unique. When Veronica Yap (BBGSian from 1977 - 1981) sent me these pictures, I could hardly believe my eyes. She is such a loyal BBGSian that she married her husband, Allan Yong, in the school hall and they held their wedding reception in the school canteen! Don't believe me? Check out these priceless photos.

A BIG thank you to Veronica for sharing her special memories with us.

Wedding ceremony @ BBGS school hall

Bride & groom making their way through our beautiful school grounds and gardens

Wedding reception at the school canteen - I love the pots and pans in the background :-)


Ade said...

Oh Wow! This is so cool. Way to go Veronica!!

Sasha Lyna said...

that's simply amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Veronica, I dont know you BUT I do know your hubby, Alan. I know him from days at JIC and also when he was studying in Australia. Please say hi! Dont know if he remembers me- Mei Leng Chew

Anonymous said...

Ouch, sorry girls, just saw this blog.... thanks for the encouragement, and Mei Leng, I'd be sure to ask Allan about you :)