Saturday, 24 March 2012

Ha Ha over Hor Fun

On Friday 23 March 2012, another boisterous group of BBGSians got together for a reunion in Chinatown.  Seventeen ladies, ranging from the Class of 1975 to 1988,  left behind the passage of years and reverted to their giddy, giggly teenage selves.  Thanks to Norma Sit and Moonlake Lee for organizing this reunion over steaming bowls of hor fun and crunchy wontons.

Restaurant Lee Ho Kee serves delicious Ipoh Hor Fun and is the most authentic version I've tasted in Singapore.  This excellent culinary standard comes as no surprise as the restaurant is owned by Jillian Li, an ex-BBGSian.  Jillian was a gracious hostess and one can sense her sweet, sweet soul in the note that she sent to all of us after the event.  She took over the running of the restaurant at the age of 18 when her father passed on, and turned it into the success it is today!

I'm sure I speak for all 17 of us when I say "Thanks Jillian, and we'll be back for more hor fun!"


Hi Ladies,…esp to Norma and Moonlake
I wish to express how honoured I am to be able to host all of you last nite at the BBGS reunion. A BIG Thank You to Norma for initiating it and not forgetting Moonlake for supporting the idea…..but most of all you ladies who made it happen.  =))

Wow I am proud  to say I can't believe you ladies have such good good fantastic memory with our school song lyrics …my heart really felt how blessed all of us are being educated in that school .Hey come to think of it the lyrics is indeed meaningful . O I cant believe  the gathering turn out so well and you still have so much respect for one another  and most of all to our school   I salute and admire,

I ever host protocol and other functions for good frenz. And now I cant believe  I hosted the BBGS Alumni spore It’s a happy occasions and proud to  say  how our school can groom us up !

Thank you again for coming………. I also wish to know all of you a little more! Hope to meet again. Cheers!!

God Bless and Take care………..Jillian