Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Candle 11: Noor Ashikin Ishak

Continuing with our Project Kindle series, here's a letter from Noor - who is searching for her classmates from the Class of 1977. If you'd like to get in touch, please send me an email at joannayeoh@gmail.com.

Hi Joanna

I once did a ‘shout’ on your blog. You responded by suggesting that I should 'write' instead. Not sure where to start. Guess I'll just have to introduce myself…

I am Noor Ashikin Ishak and I was in BBGS from 1973 to 1977. During that time, “remove classes” were still around. I was not a brilliant student, neither was I popular in school. Here are some of my memories:-

  • I used to try to “ponteng” the weekly Maclay’s house practices and got myself woken up by the librarian.
  • I tried to be polite to Ms Cooke one afternoon, by wishing her “Good afternoon” and got caught instead for my untidy (already) short hair! She did follow-up with me the next day, to see if I did something to have more decent hair!
  • My favourite teacher was Mrs Lian (class teacher of Special Remove Class 1).
  • My classmates in the third form (3 L),1975 includes Celia Foong (the famous model). Together with a few other girls, we went to watch few movies of the “WINNER” a HK/Taiwan band group.

My years in BBGS were the most interesting years of my teenage life. I appreciate the values that BBGS tried to instill. I have always been proud to be part of BBGS.

I am still in touch with few of my schoolmates. I will try to get them to write too.

Finally, like any other, I wish to get in touch with my old schoolmates. Hopefully, there are few, if not many, out there who recognise me.

Thank you for your initiative in keeping BBGS alive!