Saturday, 30 July 2011

Limericks for English lessons

Now, we didn't just write poems for Choral Speaking, we wrote limericks during English class too! Here are some written by my classmates, and published in the 1984 school magazine.

There was once a dog from Liverpool
Who loved to swim in the mining pool
One day he jumped in
Thinking he could find tin
But he nearly lost his life, poor fool

- Ling Hua Peng /2C1

There was an old lady from KL
Who one day for no reason fell
When helped to her feet
She got back on her seat
Why she fell, she never would tell

- Chen May Yee / 2S

In the Himalayas there once was a guru
Who by nature was a proper dungu
It was his karma
To live with a Llama
And spend his days, making bubu after bubu.

- Mok Mei Ling/2C1

There was an owl called Toot
Who lived in a very old boot
But sad to say
He cried everyday
For he didn't know how to toot.

- Mas Aryani Mohd Khalil / 2S

There was a man who came from China
He got lost in the jungles of Africa
He was caught in a trap
By the cannibal's net
And was stewed in the pot for supper

- Tan Lu Meng / 2C1

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