Friday, 15 July 2011

Old friends with new names

(L-R) Mok Mei Ling, Lau Pei Shan, Chua Siew Hwa (aka Terri Lim), Ng Wye Wye

Facebook has become my window to the world for all my friends, both old and new. Sometimes, new names pop up on familiar faces, and that's what happened recently with Chua Siew Hwa, now known as Terri Lim. I rejected her request twice before receiving her note of explanation...persistance pays!

She's back in KL and caught up some classmates (Class of 1987) recently and here's a quick snapshot of what everyone's been up to. Thanks to Wye Wye for the photo and update.

Ng Wye Wye says:
"Mok and Pei Shan are leading very exciting lives in the fashion and retail industries. Going international hehe. Siew Hwa and family have been jet-setting the globe for the last 20 years! She's now based in Moscow, having resided in the States and Bangkok previously. As for me, I am now serving the Lord full time in church as a pastor. I left my workplace of 16 years last year. Loving my life now! :)"

Siew Hwa adds:
"Ha ha Jo, thanks for clearing the confusion over my "new name" and "old name" I will answer to both, of course. Wye, u did good in summarizing where I hv been in the last 20 yrs except that I only started the jetsetting part abt 14-15 yrs ag...o:) 20 yrs ago, I was still in MU with Joanna Yeoh:) here's a little more update on me- I joined KPMG Consulting for a few years after I graduated. Then I got married and moved overseas. My husband works in an oil and gas co, So we relocate every few years or so. Moscow is our sixth home, we have lived in Bangkok (twice), Dubai, Houston and Perth. I have 2 boys, 13 and 8. I have been mostly a full time stay at home mom and a part time research analyst with an US based firm."

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