Monday, 13 August 2007

Meeting up with Dr Irene Teo

Shu Ling and Irene

Shu Ling was back in KL last week, and mooted the idea of meeting up with Irene. We got together at Dragon-I at the Curve, and had a long chinwag over copious cups of Chinese tea.

The fact that our Irene Teo became a doctor comes as no surprise. She used to sweep 50-70% of prizes on Speech Day. Irene graduated with an Australian medical degree and is now attached to the corporate sector. Irene's sisters, Diana, Karen and Selena, also attended BBGS.

Our conversation was lively and candid, filled with anecdotes of past antics and sharing of information re former classmates. Some topics of conversation did remind us that 20 years have passed since we left BBGS. Marriage, kids, cholesterol levels and the solemn realisation that some of our classmates were no longer with us. We've lost two to cancer, and one on the ill-fated SQ 6 flight. Sigh...

Nevertheless, we were happy that we managed catch up after such a long time. Shu Ling & I will no doubt be touching base more often, as I'm relocating to Singapore next month.

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