Sunday, 5 August 2007

You School 1 or School 2?

"You School 1 or School 2?" is a question that sounds like gibberish to most people, but makes a world of difference to a BBGSian.

Firstly, it's a way to establish if someone is pure-bred, meaning that she attended BBGS from Std One right through to Form Five. If she did attend BBGS primary school, then the "School One vs School Two" debate is one she'd be privileged to take part in.

BTW, it's ok to be a "mixed breed". This debate carries no weight once you've been through the cleansing rituals and loyalty-building traditions of secondary school.

You see, the primary school was divided into morning and afternoon sessions. School One would start in the morning for the first half of the year, and swap to the afternoon session for the remainder. Vice versa for School Two.

The old frangipani tree that stood for decades outside the primary school is one that we all remember well. And that's probably the only thing we had in common. In all other fields, School One and School Two were intense rivals.

I remember us competing in:-

  • Public examination results - It was an annual race to see which school could get the most 5A's in the Std 5 exams and get our faces published in the newspapers. (For the record, it was School 2 in 1981 with my little face amidst the throng of pint-sized overachievers ;-)
  • State-level choir competition - we would make faces at each other from across the hall
  • School mural - which school produced the artwork?
  • Prefects duty noticeboard - which school had the best decorated noticeboard

On one thing however, we would always stand united. Come hell or high water, we had to beat CBN or Convent Bukit Nanas - our arch rivals

My mother, sister and I were from School 2 and we were definitely the BEST. Anyone care to disagree?

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