Saturday, 10 November 2007

Loo Poi Yoke remembers...

5 Sc 2 (1987) reunion: Michelle, Lynett, Yee Git, Rena and Poi Yoke

Jackie Loo Poi Yoke is mother to 2 boys, and she currently runs a wellness business with her husband. She shares her recent BBGS reunion photo and some memories with us:

  • I remember the sardine toasties we had to make every foodsale
  • On Monday it was complusory to speak English, while Wednesday was Bahasa day
  • I remember Mrs Maniam lying on the school chairs at the back of the class while we underlined the whole Sejarah book
  • I remember washing toilets and floral arrangements
  • I certainly remember having to sing the Donkey Hee-haw song, mowing meadow song and the Meatball + spaghetti song during assembly
  • I remember the strict prefects who made us pick rubbish and wrote our names down if we arrived late
  • I remember how we have to keep left everytime we go up or down the stairs
  • The permission slips for everything from A-Z, the spot checks, the black and white ribbons on the hair,
  • The sick bed
  • The BBGS school bus

That's all I remember!

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