Thursday, 22 November 2007

Funny Stories

Looking through the old school mags, I found some really funny stories that only a true-blue BBGS girl would appreciate. Here goes...

"I remember one incident when a female dog on heat was being chased around the school by a male dog, followed by the school jaga wielding a stick, and hot on his heels was Miss Cooke, determined not to allow any "hanky panky" to take place in front of us innocent girls!

Another incident was the infamous fly that flew into our Econs teacher's mouth as she droned on and on. And we stared hard in disbelief - watching and waiting - the fly never flew out!"
Lee Su Kim - Form 6, 1974

"Looking at the Weld Swimming Pool from the window of Art Class and laughing at the boys' orange-flowered swimming shorts! (Yes, yes, I know were were not supposed to.)"
Chen May Yee - Form 5, 1987

"Watching a friend sitting on another friend's chicken burger. That's what you get for eating in class!"
Yap Wai Khen - Form 5, 1988

"Fun-fair being spelt as FUND FAIR (which is more appropriate). Choral Speakng became QUARREL SPEAKING (when the very keen students fought to use the school hall for practices"

Boey Chooi Kheng (Mrs Bastion) - Form 5, 1952

"The time when my classmate - in desperation - dumped her favourite actor's picture inside her blouse when the prefects were about to start a spot check. Coolly, she told me, "They'll never dare to search in here!"
Woo Yoke Bing - Form 5, 1985

"During one of my daily routine checks, I spotted a girl wearing a hot-pink lace bra under her white baju kurung. No, I didn't confiscate it!"
Joanna Yeoh - Form 5, 1987

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