Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Letter from Chen May Yee

Hi Joanna,

Stumbled on your blog and it was very fun to read about what various people have been up to. Okay, I admit I was googling myself but only to check if the crazy story I wrote about Malaysia's plan to create cyclones to scrub away the 1997 haze wasn't still showing up first (It still is, sadly.)

Anyway, a quick update: I've been in Minneapolis for almost four years. My husband's family is from here. I write and edit healthcare news at the local rag ( which is a great gig, for the most part.

I've got two girls - Zoe, 4, and Maya, 2, and my husband Chris is home with them.The community is vibrant and there are wonderful parks and children's museums so the kids have fun. But it's too cold most of the year for tropical girls like me. I have to say my outlook on living here has brightened considerably since Peninsula, a Malaysian restaurant opened by a lady from Ipoh, opened about a year ago. Amazing nyonya laksa.

Here's a piccy of the girls.

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