Friday, 21 December 2007

A tribute to our teachers

As we celebrate the six-month anniversary of this blog, I'd like to pay tribute to the women who were so generous with their knowledge, experience and love. We owe them a debt of gratitude for helping us become the women we are today.

Dear BBGSians, join me in standing ovation, as we salute our BBGS teachers.

These photos are courtesy of Ms Betsy Li, and were taken during the annual BBGS teachers reunion in 2007. She also provides us with the latest updates on our favourite teachers.

  • Ms Yeap is retired but does short stints at the training centre of Institute of Bankers teaching English to unemployed graduates to prepare them for the job market. She still walks her dogs everyday and this explains why she stays healthy all the time. For more on Ms Yeap, click http://
  • Ms Betsy Li convocated last year with a Masters of Management with distinction (Congratulations...we're so proud of you!) For more on Ms Li, click
  • Ms Moey as CEO will drive Methodist College to greater heights. She also teaches Bible Knowledge classes to Form 4 and SPM students and conducts CU camps every year- end in St. Mary's School in Selayang, thanks to the generosity of the principal, Ms Goh Hai Bee, who incidentally is an ex BBGSian. Sadly there are no longer any participants from Seri Bintang Utara
  • Mrs Betty Wong is Senior Assistant of Sek. Men. Damansara Jaya, retiring next year
  • Mrs Lai is teaching A Levels at Taylors' College
  • Ms. Yap Kwee Lan is Afternoon supervisor at La Salle PJ
  • Mrs Siaw is Head of Science in Sek, Men.Tun Dr. Ismail
  • Mrs Tay is a seasoned traveller who's been going to places where less have been - like the desert in Australia, Alaska, Silk Road, Turkey and Egypt. Reason - she alreadybeen to all the regular places
  • Mrs Gan Ber Keat has migrated to US and is holding a teaching job in LA
  • Mrs Simon is still doing active work as the State Commisioner of the Girls Guides movement in KL
  • Mrs Chia Pooi Lan has retired and is now teaching in Wesley Methodist School in Sentul , the feeder school for Methodist College
  • Mrs Chew Hai Hong is a retired tai-tai in Singapore
  • Miss Tham Mei Fong teaches line dancing. Every Friday at 2.30 -4 pm she teaches line dancing to the ex BBGS teachers- Mrs Tay, Mrs Siaw, Mrs Mak , Joo Sim, Betty Wong at the UM Alumni clubhouse off Jalan Universiti
  • Mrs Guru is busy caring for her grandchildren( it started with one but it may have increased to two or three)
  • Mrs Kylas, on the other hand, longs for grandchildren but her two daughters are too busy pursuing their careers and do not seem keen to settle down
  • For news on Mrs Abraham, click


Kee Kee 琦琦 said...

among the teachers mentioned here whom I was fortunate enough to be taught by include,
Mrs Siaw (My fav physics teacher in Form 4, I dare say that she's the person responsible for my huge interest in the subject, I performed so well when she's teaching, but the moment she left, I went downhill, interest and replacement for her, ever)

Mrs maths teacher in Form 1, i really love her..very gentle and kind manner of teaching...I remembered trying to hold back my tears so hard during her farewell

Mrs Chia...our chemistry teacher in Form 4 (can't remember if she also taught us in Form 5)...but haha, again I liked her teaching very much...I could understand things she taught so well...and how the other class also taught by her always said that she's biased towards Sc 1:PPPP hehehe, she loved us so much I guess...

I hope all of them (as well as all BBGS teachers whom I've not met before) are enjoying their lives ...I wish them happiness and good health this coming new year...

Sunshine said...

how is Mrs Abraham doing? I saw her in the pictures but no updates on her.

Joanna Yeoh said...

Delve a little further, Sunshine. Mrs Abraham has her very own page at

Anonymous said...

hi, this is jeannette. how is mrs aziz and miss cooke doing?