Sunday, 16 December 2007

Roll of Honour

Did you know that there's a BBGS museum within the school grounds of SM Seri Bintang Utara? I was informed by Ainun Ghazali, a much younger BBGSian who was part of the transition to the new grounds in Cheras.

Looking through the museum pictures, my heart literally leapt for joy when I spotted the School Captains Honour Roll that used to hang in the school hall. What a nostalgic sight!

I'm probably over-emoting and slightly biased because my name is on that honour roll, but it was a special honour to serve as BBGS school captain, and till today - it's an accolade that I proudly display on my CV.

School Captains of BBGS

1947 Boey Poh Theen
1948 Tan Leng Gek
1949 Liew Peng Nyun
1950 Ong Cheng Sim
1951 Chooi Kut Nooi
1952 Catherine Angus
1953 Wong Sui Fong
1954 Lim Chock Leng
1955 Sosie Kwong
1956 Ong Cheng Im
1957 Goh Yoon Fong
1958 Tan Kim Lewi
1959 Khoo Suat Pheng
1960 Tan Yoke Wan
1961 Choi Kwai Eng
1962 Leng Ah Mooi
1963 Boey Pick Yoke
1964 Kang Geok Sue
1965 Chew Fei Yin
1966 Chew Fai Peng
1967 Patricia Ong Buan Tee
1968 Tong Wai Sin
1969 Ng Ay Vin
1970 Alice Samuel
1971 Lee Yin Ling
1972 Phang Sow Yoong
1973 Kiang Chew Peng
1974 Kwan Poh Lan
1975 Yee Yoke Sum
1976 Caroline Ho / Kon Sui Phin
1977 Leong Kit Lan
1978 Audrey Kum
1979 Teoh Pooi Boon
1980 Yap Yoke Chin
1981 Lau Chow Ong
1982 Chin Yoke Mun
1983 S.S. Patricia
1984 Lim Yuet Suan
1985 Cheah Swee Peng
1986 Koh Lee Wah
1987 Lum May Yee
1988 Liow Bin Wei
1989 Joanna Yeoh Kui Pheng
1990 Lisa Ng Hew Mei
1991 Shariza Sharif bte Yusof
1992 Uma Devi Kylasam
1993 Yan Yin May
1994 Tong Yin Fen
1995 Tay Hui Ping
1996 Aina Zahari

If anyone knows the names of school captains post-1996 or the whereabouts of any of these special ladies named above, please drop me a note and I'd be delighted to feature them on this blog.


Rayhana said...

Hi there Joanna,

1994 - Tong Yin Fen
1995 - Tay Hui Ping
1996 - Aina Zahari

I don't know the rest (vaguely remember 97 but can't remember the name!) as I left school 96!

Joanna Yeoh said...

Thanks for the 1994-96 names. Much appreciated - Joanna

Anonymous said...

I knew d existence of d museum but haven't got time to visit it yet... got to find some time.. really missed those good old days....

Po Li Loo said...

Shariza Sharis is one of my friends on Facebook. She's listed there as "Sharis Yusof." You can get in touch with her there.

Po Li Loo said...

Shariza Sharis is a friend of mine on Facebook. (This is Po Li). You'll find her as Sharis Yusof in my FB friends.

foundersbadge said...

1979 - Teoh Pooi Boon

Thats my mum!

=) Nisi Dominus Frustra!

-Darryn K.Y. Chiew-

Anonymous said...

Well, that's true, I was a BBGS Museum member...but it seems fewer girls are joining the Prefect BBGS Museum!!! Sometimes, they had rumors that that prefect board is gonna close down. Hope, you, seniors joining alumni gives moral support to boost their BBGS spirit!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, hope, you seniors will give moral boost and BBGS Spirit to BBGS Prefect Board!!!!

Compare to other Prefect Board in school, we have fewer members during my year being a BBGS Prefect. Actually, my friend Hamisah had started selling special edition jumper to start BBGS Merchandise.

skyli said...

Yap Yoke Chin(1980) is my former teacher. She is now an english teacher in SMK Hwa Lian Mentakab, Pahang.

jinkar said...

Not sure, Joanna, but Tong Yin Fen might be my husband's cousin. I know her by her Christian name, Lina, I think. Might be mistaken. Will confirm with him but the date looks right. She's on FB as Lina Tong