Sunday, 16 December 2007

Belle remembers

Belle Luer, or Tinkerbell Love Lee as she was known back in BBGS, is happily married with 2 beautiful children, living in KL and enjoys travelling, travelling and more travelling.

Belle is organising a 20th year reunion for the class of '88 in April 2008, so please get in touch with her if you're from that era.

Meanwhile, she shares these memories with us...

  • Makcik's fried chicken and spicy potatoes in the canteen
  • watching boys in speedos dive off the platform at Weld Swimming Pool
  • Food Sales (esp the asam laksa, roti jala and air bandung)
  • sneaking off to KL Plaza after school (even with a change of clothes the BATA shoes were a dead giveaway)
  • chalking up our school shoes before spot checks
  • Mrs. Aziz (my favourite teacher)
  • Ms. Cooke (loved her but was petrified of her)
  • Interact Club (which really was abt interacting with boys from other schools wasn't it?)
  • Mrs. Choe Ling our animated scarf-wearing Sejarah teacher who'd dictate entire chapters to us while we frantically scribbled in our books
  • playing with the bunsen burners in the Science Labs
  • grimy cups of diluted orange juice sold by the prefects
  • toilet duty (aargh)
  • saying "Selaaamaat Pagi Cikguuuu"...

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