Monday, 17 December 2007

Bukit Bintang : a poem

When long ago this country, jungle clad,
Saw rising by the muddy meeting place of streams,
A hamlet of poor huts, a dwelling place for quiet country folk,
Was Starry Hill a name conceived in dreams?

When tin was mined and rubber planted row on row,
When streets were made, and gharries came, and bicycles and cars,
When people crowded in, and women, freed, came out to work with men,
Did someone say, "What shall we build upon the Hill of Stars?"

The mission came and sought the land upon the Starry Height,
The School arose and girls began to fill
Its halls and classrooms with a throng of bright young life,
And placed a coronet of stars upon the hill.

The Principal, the gentle moon, sheds radiance on all,
The Staff, the planets in their courses, truth instil,
The Pupils, more and more come year by year,
To clothe with great and little stars the Starry Hill.

This poem by Mr M. Lomas, Asst. Director of Education (Girls) 1951, was written in honour of Miss Glasgow, the principal then and printed in the first issue of the School Magazine in 1951.

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