Friday, 21 December 2007

Remember Ms Li?

Joanna & Ms Li (Betsy) at their favourite restaurant, Dragon I @the Curve

I love coming home to KL! Even more so when it gives me the opportunity to catch up with my favourite BBGS teachers. This time, it was Ms Betsy Li Phui Chun who is now also known as Mrs Wong ;-) I am so privileged to count her as a close friend and confidante today.

Most of us remember Ms Li as the Deputy Principal who was the Accounts & Economics guru of BBGS. She was always impeccably dressed in power suits with heavy shoulder pads (this was the '80s ya?!). My classmates and I admired her no-nonsense approach to teaching her favourite subjects, and were always in awe of her pointer-swishing skills. She was the only teacher who used to carry a pointer in those cool.

Betsy (it's taken me 20 years to pluck up the courage to call her that), left BBGS in 1992 when she was promoted as Principal of SM Jalan Ipoh. After many years of serving in government schools, she entered the private education sector and worked for Taylors College & Inti College. She is currently the Deputy Director of Academic Studies for Methodist College. Coincidentally, Ms Moey Yoke Lai is the CEO of Methodist College. It's so good to know that the academic torch of BBGS is still burning bright in the hands of these amazing women.

Betsy is very proud of her links to BBGS and even prouder of her proteges. She is ever keen to find out the whereabouts of old girls and is the main point of contact for BBGS teachers. Being at the forefront of technology, she's even created a blog on BBGS teachers which I will share in future posts.

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