Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Candle 22: Ho Wai Suet

This candle by Ho Wai Suet is a real treat! She has generously shared with us her treasure trove of BBGS photos from the 1960s and 70s. Enjoy...

Hi Joanna

Let me introduce myself. I am Ho Wai Suet (Sixth form 1972, being the 3rd batch of Sixth Formers) - a thorough bred BBGSian . Sow Yoong and Wei Meng were my classmates. I am a retired homemaker (opted for retirement at the age of 40 ! ). I read Geography at University of Malaya and tutored there till 1993.

Miss Cooke and Mr Chew ( our maths & physics teacher ) in a skit. Miss Cooke proposing to Mr Chew ?

Sunday School girls with Miss Gibson at a camp at Luther House in 1968

The late Sakinah Ibrahim was the princess in The Persian Market. Thanks to Mrs Jega Deva who proposed, produced and directed the play. She was our 5E form teacher. We still have fond memories of The Persian Market. It was a remarkable performance and we classmates worked very well with each other to present it at the Speech and Prize-giving Day April 1970
I was one of the camels - the front half and Yee Chong my hind legs. That brown blanket was my father's blanket ! !

I was in Cooke House. Maclay House clinched the gold medal. The late Teh Siew Lin was the anchor runner. Our athletic coach was Mr Yeoh Cheang Swi. I believed that he trained us out of his pure love for athletics and he did it free-of-charge. I remember him telling us that he cycled all the way from Jalan Ipoh (his home) to BBGS on Saturday afternoons just to train us. His daughters also attended BBGS.


beary nice said...

wow....thanks...errr...Ms Ho?

The pictures are real classic and it's so nice to know what you girls did back then =)

I am from BBGS '94 =)

Moo Ling said...

Wai Suet,

I think the Persian Market was Miss Yap's (Ye Chin) brainchild. I don't think Mrs Jega was involved. It was Miss Yap who put it together. I was one of the policeman who broke up the market at the end!

Moo Ling!

shazzain said...

Fantastic pictures! :)

patricia.winterglade said...

Dear Wai Suet,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos. I was pleasantly surprised to see my twin Dorothy and myself (Patricia Ang) in the group photo. I think I can recognize Lim Wei Min. Other faces look familiar. Ah, yes ... I remember the Persian Market.