Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Back2BBGS Gala Night

The gala night that followed the launch of the Elena Cooke Education Fund was branded the "mother of all mega reunions" - we're so modest aren't we? :-) It was definitely an euphoria extravaganza - with gorgeous sophisticated women reduced to silly shrieking teenagers the moment they saw their classmates from yesteryear! It was no wonder that many missed the cocktails and drinks that were floating around ;-)

Congratulations to the Organizing Committee and OGA for making this's to many more!

The choir and choral speakers representing multiple decades of BBGSians

It was no surprise to find BB girls shopping at the Pavilion but I was delighted to see Sri Bintang Utara (SBU) boys packing souvenirs all night. Well done boys!

Catching up with teachers all many did you spot?

Catching up with 1987 classmates and church friends whom I didn't even know were from BBGS


Unknown said...

Thanks for organising the Back2BBGS as it was a resounding success. It was a great opportunity to thanks our teahers, Ms. Cooke, Ms. Yeap, Ms. Moey and so many of them.

We had a great time and some of us have not seen each other since 1992. Much thanks.

knitfreak-to-be said...

job well done for the organising committee ;) two thumbs up. my favorite was definitely the choir singing centenary song, followed by choral speaking :)

Anonymous said...

Hi- I am very disappointed at missing this event! Ohh the memories that has come flooding back just by seeing the pictures.

Does anyone have an videos to the performances & speeches? Would LOVE to hear the school song and choral speaking performances!

Aida Samad - class of 90.

Aida Samad said...

Does anyone have videos of the choral speaking and school song performances? Would love to see them.

class of 90