Thursday, 13 August 2009

More gala photos

Here's another treat for those of you who are clamouring for more photos of the Back2BBGS event. These pictures are being shared with us by Moonlake Lee (Class of 1986) who did a brilliant job capturing a variety of shots.

Miss Yeap Gaik Khoon was our guest of honour for the evening gala. Her candid style and heartfelt stories held the audience in rapt attention. At the piano was Saidah Rastam, one of Malaysia's acclaimed composers (remember M the Musical?), who is also a BBGSian. Saidah conducted the choir and provided live music for the event....she is soooo good...swoon...

A large number of ex-teachers and staff turned up for the evening gala. Remember the jaga and Chandran (the office staff who prepared all our exam papers?)

Moonlake (in red) with Elizabeth Lee (in purple), her college principal, and her friends Darina, Salwa and Sunitha

Friends from the Class of 1986

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