Friday, 17 April 2009

Candle 13: Rosnita Abdul Rahim

Rosnita (in blue) seen here with her best friends Kavitha and Wan Amal, shares her story with us.

What years were you at BBGS?

I was in BBGS Primary in 1983 (standard 3) - BBGS Secondary in 1991 (form 5)

What are your favourite memories?
That would be eating at the school canteen because we had a selection of food! haha! From Yong Tow Foo to noodles to Malay Food and not forgetting the drink stall that sold home (or rather canteen-made!) drink at the price of 20cents and 40cents.

Whenever it comes to classroom cleanliness, I just love to clean the toilets! And made that fancy class signs on the door.

The choral speaking competition was something that I look forward to every year too, although I was always nervous to do it on stage!

The co-op that we used to have under the stairs in the canteen block is also something that brings back good memories because they had all the cute little things in there.

Another favourite memory would be spotcheck!! haha! I think not many school have spotchecks, huh?

I also love our Sports Day and our cheerleaders! And that one time School Carnival in 1989, was it?

What did you do after leaving school?
I went to Perth, Australia to further my studies, but came back two years later and continued here in Sunway College. I did Marketing.

Where and what are you doing now?
I was working in Island & Peninsular as a Project Secretary for 4 years before joining another company as a marketer. I made the toughest decision about 2+ years ago (after having my second baby) to be a full time mom or a full time homemaker as they call it now. I'm in Ampang KL.

What values did you learn at BBGS that you're passing on to your kids?
It has always been discipline. BBGS was known to have a very strict dicipline. When I was in school I thought "why cant we roll our baju kurung sleeve?" or "why must we hook our baju kurung" or "why must we keep our hair neat all the time" or "what different does it make to have a clean pair of shoes on or not?". But when I look at it now, we are lucky to have been brought up with such a dicipline. We become a more presentable women. And also to be a more respectful person. Oh yes, I am going to pass these on to my kids.

Like you, Joanna, I always have Bukit Bintang Girls' School in CV. And there were a few times during my many interviews (either to enrol in a college or in job interviews), we (the interviewer and I) speak a little of BBGS. At that moment I cant help but to feel proud to be a part of the BBGS huge family.


Rosnita Abdul Rahim said...

Sorry for the few spelling errors. =)

Joanna Yeoh said...

No worries..that's what Editors are for. I had plenty of practice producing the 1987 school mag :-)