Sunday, 19 April 2009

Candle 14: Tina Lim

Tina, Lu Meng & Joanna @ Changi Singapore

It's wonderful to catch up with old friends even if only for a few hours. This evening, Lu Meng & I caught up with Tina Lim from BBGS Class of 1988. Tina and her family were in Singapore for a short holiday and we managed to squeeze in a quick dinner at Changi Airport before they flew home. Tina is now a banker with BNP Paribas and is married to Andrew. They have 3 beautiful children: Hannah (4 yrs), Sarah (2 yrs) & Nathan (4 mths).

After much persuasion, we managed to round up the kids for a photo at the departure gate. Aren't they gorgeous? Oh yes, the husbands were there as well but were to busy taking photos and staying out of the way - which is what most well-trained spouses of BBGSians tend to do..haha..

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