Wednesday, 30 July 2008

When will I see you again?

The Class of 87 had a blast at their reunion last Friday, 25 July 2008 at Concorde Hotel. And because I'm currently based in Shanghai, I missed it...aarrrrgghh! Thank goodness for kind souls like Farah Meor who has sent in these pictures and story so we can all pretend we were there...

Hello....long time no see!

Dear Joanna,
The reunion was great and I would like to believe that everyone had a good time.. wished it could be longer.

Are you sure it's been 21 years? Everyone still looks so young!

After almost 21 years of separation for some of us, it was great to see that we could actually pick up where we left and everyone was enjoying each other's company trying to catch up with each other. It was also a bit odd to see how some have changed in how they look and how others relatively look the same after all these years....

Happy days are here again...

Old cliques die hard ;-)

We sang the school song with pride and I think when we were in school we didn't sing it as heartfelt and with much enthusiasm as we did last Friday.. Another example of how we took things for granted..

Forever friends - bound by love that time can't take away

Yan adds...

The most unforgettable moment is of course the slide show....all our friends, the school building, pictures of Miss Yeap, all the prefects.....(with the background music) Oh my goodness, some of us really shed tears. It was very recall all those moments.

We survived - in more ways than one :-)

CONGRATULATIONS to the organising committee - you girls did a great job to keep the flag flying high!

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michelle@mybabybay said...

Wow, great pictures...any more?? I am hungering for more. Well I have seen those faces like for over a decade. I wished I was there.