Sunday, 13 July 2008

Michelle & her school shoes

Whoopeee...I just found another classmate on the web! Michelle Leong and I were in 5Sc5 and she runs an interesting blog:, which is where I found her. She's re-discovered the joys of washing school shoes and shares some tips with us. BTW, I *hated* washing my shoes and paid my sister to do it every weekend, even though she kept raising the price.

I thought my days of washing school shoes were over and I was so dead wrong. Yes, since my children started schooling, the washing of school shoes has begun. At least until they can do it on their own.

My hubby and I have different ways of washing school shoes. Let me hear it from you how do you do it?

1. Do you soak the school shoes overnight before you wash it?
a. Yes
b. No, I washed it immediately

2. Do you immediately apply shoe white on the school shoe when it is wet?
a. Yes
b. No, I wait for it to dry

School shoes have brought back lots of school days memory. My school is known for the strict rules and our shoes have to be white every day. Here are some of the things I do to keep it white.

I would take the black board duster and dust it on my shoe to keep it white. One silly friend of mine forgot to check the duster and her shoes were multi color when she dusted it on her shoe. :wall:

I would take a white chalk and start working on the dirty area.

If I am at home, I will paint the white shoe polish on top of it. When it comes to washing, the pail of water is all white.

The last trick is to hang around the toilet or library until the prefect finished checking.

School Shoes II

After hearing comments from all of you, I am so glad that I am not an alien here. I soaked my school shoes on Friday and washed it on Saturday morning. I let it dry and apply the shoe white on Sunday.

When I was in school, I love playing netball on the muddy field. In fact I was the school netball player. After a good game, my shoe will covered with mud stain. If I do not soak my shoes, it will be difficult to get the dirty stain out. Anyway, it became a habit.

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