Sunday, 6 July 2008

Join the Class of 87 reunion!

Wow...this is THE year for reunion parties!

I'm happy to announce another class reunion - this time for my own batch of 1987. Details are attached below:

Date: 25th July (Friday)
Venue: Concorde Hotel (Spices Restaurant)
Price: RM100
Time: 7:30 pm

Please spread the word to girls of 1987, and confirm your attendance by contacting Shazi Sultan at or Mai Farah at 019 3157788.

P/S: Sorry I can't make it back in time from Shanghai to attend this event, but maybe that's a good thing since so many people remember me as the "ultra-garang prefect" :-D LOL...


Vasanthi Ramadass said...

Hi, I am Vasanthi and we were class mates in Form 6. Don't know if you remember me!!! Anyway, I heard about the 1987 reunion and I have confirmed my attendance. I was very surprised that there was blog dedicated to BBGS. Poi Yoke told me about your blog and I was surprised that your blog has got the photos of our old school. Those were great times.

Talking about school, the other day I went to Pavilion and I was so shocked that it was built in the same place our school was. Very sadly I told my children that this was where my school was. It was really sad... I had not gone to that part of town for a very long time and I was really shocked with the progress....

I have a blog ( as well in case you are curious to know who I am. I doubt I look the same. Age caught up and the fact that I had 2 kids also shows!!!


pretty mummy said...

Joanne the prefect. I dunno why but I was just thinking of you. I am not sure if you remember me - I am Aiza but I left middle of form 4. Are you guys not having a reunion to celebrate our big 5-0?