Thursday, 22 May 2008

Today, my mailbox revealed a lovely surprise from a *real* writer and editor. Kathy Rowland's online magazine has published an article on BBGS and the Pavilion. She invites us to check it out and join the discussion. So girls - what are we waiting for? Let's all go to:

Dear Joanna,

I'm the editor of an online arts and cultural magazine, We ran an article about the demolition of BBGS and the construction of Pavilion in its place. Its a particularly considered piece, which looks back to our education system as being complicit in the kind of rampant destruction that's come to signify how we define progress in Malaysia. The discussion board has generated comments from BBGS students (the article itself is written by an exBBGS student).

I thought you, and perhaps other BBGS alumni might be interested in it, and joining the discussion. Visit it here :

Kathy Rowland
Managing Editor

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