Sunday, 11 May 2008

New alumni site

Dear all,

I am thrilled to announce the formation of a BBGS alumni website at It's so heart-warming to see fellow BBGSians pulling together and helping to keep the memories of our school alive on the web. Norma Sit is the webmaster and has announced a reunion for the class of 1978 who will be celebrating their 30th GO girls!

Do check out the website and contribute in any way you can.



For the 78ers

2008 is our 30th year as 'loyal women with our race'.

REUNION Get-Together
Kuala Lumpur
9th August 2008 (Saturday).

Venue: The Reunion at Bangsar Village 2 (This is a restaurant - recommended by Ellen Kay)

Time: 7.30 pm to whenever you need to leave

Food: Halal (Anyway, who eats when there are great friends to catch up with?)

Budget: RM200.00 per person (Dinner & Mementoes)

Bring Your Daughter!

We want an Inclusive gathering where all of us can come together in a great spirit of friendship and love.
This is a Non-Religious Gathering. We will offer thanksgiving neutrally.
(All girls will observe this with respect to each other's faiths and beliefs 30 years hence. Any objections?
Please write to Sit @


7.30 pm - Be There or Be Late


8.00 pm - Welcome, Hugs and Kisses

9.00 pm - A Prayer of Thanksgiving

by Ms Yeo (We have yet to ask her)

9.05 pm - 30 Years of Love and Living

Sharing by:

  • Ms Cooke
  • Chow Ong, Poh Lai, Ellen, May, Mei, Sit and anyone else who will open up by then.

10.00 pm - The School Song Again

10.30 pm - Blessings For One Another

11.00 pm - Bye and Drinks ;)

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