Sunday, 15 June 2008

These things I give to BBGS

This poem was published in the 1993 Centenary Magazine. It was written by Lalitha Wong (Mrs Gray) who studied in BBGS from 1947 - 1956. She and her sister, Soosila Wong, were my mother's contemporaries. Lalitha lived with her family in England until her passing in 2006.

Aunty Soosila taught music in Primary School 2 until the 1980s. She now lives with her husband, John, in Queensland, Australia. My family had the privilege of staying with them during my 4 year stint Down Under.

For the finding of God's love
For the love of beautiful hymns
For the teaching and deepening knowledge of the Word of God
These things I owe to BBGS

For the love of poetry and drama
For the thrill and skill of debates
For the aesthetic pleasures of embroidery
These things I owe to BBGS

For the teachers who taught and the knowledge gained
For the development of character and mind
For the encouragement given and mistakes corrected
For the vision given and the aims to aspire

To serve and not be served
For the pride of doing everthing to the Lord and not to man
For the opportunities of responsibility and example expected of leadership
These things I owe to BBGS

Thirty-seven years as a pupil and twenty-four years as a teacher
Have passed since I left BBGS
And what are my thoughts still?
The experience of Nisi Dominus Frustra -
'Without God All Is in Vain'
This motto I've proved and owe to BBGS

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Kess And Her Mama said...

Wow. Such loyalty. Ai Foong gave me the link to your blog. It does invoke memories.
Tiang Peng