Thursday, 22 May 2008

Toasters & Food Sales

Over the weekend, I was browsing in my local Carrefour in Jinqiao (Shanghai) when I saw a sandwich toaster...and WHAM...I was instantly transported back to the days of food sales!

Isn't it funny how sandwich toasters always remind us of BBGS?

Toasties were a staple that featured in every single food sale. I don't think any class dared to leave it off the menu. Sadly though, we weren't very creative and only had 2 types of fillings: sambal ikan bilis and sardine. Sigh...what would Jamie Oliver think of us today?

My friend Lu Meng, loves to remind me of how the prefects sold the excess toasties. They used to pack all the soggy leftovers into plastic bags, load them onto a wooden tray and send Joanna Yeoh out to "encourage" girls to buy at a discount. Apparently, some girls were so "terrified", they just handed over their 50 cents and picked one off the tray.

Hmmm...that's not the way I remember it...but at least it was for charity :-)


Anonymous said...

The soggy toasties were delicious, nonetheless... I remember them as an icon of BBGS, as much as the fried chicken by the makcik next to the drink stall.

fulltime mom

Anonymous said...

LOL... Joanna.. I was of them! God.. It's so nice having you brought us all these updates... of all the "garang" prefects...:)))

Yea.. and I love "our" toasted sandwiches so much that now everytime I toast, I'll be transported back to BBGS, during the Prefect Food Sale trying so hard to avoid you..!! Haha.. You have done a wonderful job... and I sincerely do hope you'll presevere...