Sunday, 27 March 2011

Food Sale Reunion @ SG

Yesterday afternoon, twelve sophisticated ladies trooped into an apartment in the heart of Singapore and were greeted by this sign...

As shouts of "Cooke!", "Green!", "Maclay!", "Shirtliff!" and "Prouse!" rang around the entrance, the door opened and pandemonium ensued - shrieks of delight, raucous laughter and big bear hugs were the order of the day! Some amused husbands and wide-eyed children were also in tow but they excused themselves quite quickly. No one was brave enough to get in the way of our annual BBGS@SG reunion.

Lynette introduced us to her teenage kids, while Kiew Puan had her lovely 4 year old princess in tow.
Most of us were from the class of 86, 87 and 88 and after a quick round of introductions, we quickly settled into the order of the day: the Food Sale themed high tea. Everyone was so excited about the menu that volunteers to prepare food were signed up within two days of the invitation:-

  • Joanna - toasted sambal sandwiches

  • Lu Meng- curry puffs (from Old Chang Kee)

  • Moonlake - rojak (store bought and very popular)

  • Jeanette - cincau (which her mother made - thank you Aunty!)

  • Lynette - fried mee hoon (home made and full of flavour)

  • Charlotte - kacang putih (she didn't turn up but her kacang putih about accountability!)

  • Gek Lin - ice cream float (so refreshingly decadent)

  • Tomasina - banana cake (home baked and so yummy!)

  • Patricia - BBQ chicken wings (by Kak Yanti which were delicious)

  • Yee Git - cheese platter (the most "atas" item on offer)

  • Suet Poh - fruit platter (lots of variety and the most healthy item on the menu)

  • Kiew Puan - sotong balls (super yummy and gone in a flash)

The"girls" busily preparing and presenting their dishes

And then it was time to chat and catch up on 20 years worth of news! That's how long some of us hadn't seen each other. University, jobs, husbands, kids, years in Singapore, PSLE, plastic surgery, learning Mandarin, insurance, best infant formula were just some of the many topics talked about and laughed over. This was interspersed with school stories about teachers, school rules and food sales! We compared the abundant fillings of our toasted sandwiches to the miserable smear of sambal in our original food sale toasties. And debated the finer points of sandwich making - "Where got cucumber one?" or "Wah..the edges also got filling!"
And finally, the happy clappy group photo. Thanks to the combined efforts of everyone present, we arranged ourselves carefully around the sofa and got the camera timer to work. And voila! Even then, we managed to find something to laugh about when taking this photo with comments like: "Those of you who can still kneel, please kneel." "Hurry up lah! My knees are giving way..." Haha...until our next gathering girls, take care and God bless!

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