Friday, 25 March 2011

Candle 38: Ong Jin Kar

(L-R) Kevin, Joel, Daniel and Jin Kar

I knew it was going to be an interesting reunion when 8-year old Joel Chee rushed into the restaurant, plonked himself next to me and said "My mum says you were the Head Prefect and everyone was scared of you!" Haha...that's the story of my life in BBGS, dear boy...

Joel is the son of Ong Jin Kar from the class of 1986. Jin Kar, her husband Kevin and their two boys were on their way back to Perth from Bristol (UK) where Kevin has spent the last year completing his opthamologist specialist training. She even found time to co-found the European chapter of the BBGS alumni in the UK, together with Doreen Craig. They organised a successful reunion in London, which brought together a large number of BBGSians.

Jin Kar migrated to Perth shortly after secondary school, studied at the University of Western Australia and worked as an accountant before becoming a full-time mom. She enjoys living in the city which is idyllic for bringing up her kids. Her sister Jin Hui, whom I met while in Perth last year, is also based in Perth and the sisters catch up regularly.

We were joined by Moonlake Lee and her family and all 3 of us had a wonderful time chatting over dinner while the kids and husbands entertained themselves. We were amused at how some girls had glamourised themselves beyond recognition, while others have stayed exactly the same. Jin Kar was kind enough to place me in the "glamour" list! Haha... So you see little Joel, people aren't so scared of me anymore :-)

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