Wednesday, 21 July 2010

School Rules - Part 3

Are you enjoying this series on the School Rules? I most certainly AM! While some of the rules are good, some of them are downright funny - in this day and age. I've found myself bursting into laughter reading some of these pages. Here's a good one...

Pillars support the building
Not the feet when shoe-lacing,
Neither the head when resting
Nor the feet when standing

All images courtesy of Poh Ching Suan (Class of 1985)

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moodyprofessor said...

Wow, I've almost forgotten about this! Reading the rules really bring back some memories of the good ole days, sadly missed. I can't imagine what the students nowadays will think if they ever come across this "sacred book". Surely most will laugh or mock at the rules, its detailed description of the school uniform, for eg. I mean, we all know the level of responsibility and discipline of some of the students nowadays....can't even keep the school toilets clean!
Anyway, thanks for sharing on ur blog, Joanna. Really enjoy it. Hope to read more.