Tuesday, 20 July 2010

School Rules - Part 2

The complete school unifrom must be worn at all times in the school. The school uniform must be worn at all school functions and games outside the school unless special permission is granted. Once the pupil is in school uniform, she is not to let down her hair, remove her badges and bows or wear other shoes besides her school shoes.

The following must be observed:
  1. correct colour
  2. unifrom - clean and ironed
  3. skirt - not more than 2" above the kness
  4. white blouse - not shirts, no pockets
  5. sleeves - not to be folded in or up
  6. proper buttons, no pins
  7. bows for 6th formers - 1/2" to 3/5" wide, 45" long
  8. shoes - white/brown/black (clean). At special functions only white shoes are to be worn by girls in Forms One to Five. Slippers or shoes with heels are not allowed. Black shoes and a maximum of 1 1/2" heel are allowed for 6th formers only. A fine of 5 cents is imposed on dirty shoes, 10 cents per shoe for 6th formers.
  9. white socks - clean, turned down ankle length
  10. a) long hair - tied up and tidy. If possible, hair must be plaited. No hair must touch the eyebrows b) short hair - well brushed and tidy. No hair must touch the eyebrows. No hair to touch shoulders. If it is shoulder length, it must be plaited.
  11. no fancy or coloured clips. Only black or white ribbons allowed.
  12. no jewellery except earrings and watches to be worn.
  13. Badges - Every pupil must possess 2 badges i.e. school badge & house badge to be worn at all times on the left hand side with the school badge above the house badge, not overlapping.
  14. nails - short and clean. No nail varnish. 6th formers are allowed long nails & colourless nail varnish
  15. Baju kurung to be worn only on Fridays. Slits in front must have a clasp, not a school badge.
All images courtesy of Poh Ching Suan (Class of 1985)

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