Thursday, 18 June 2009

Candle 19: Jasmine Chong

Hi Joanna,

I'm Jasmine Chong or better known as Kwai Fun during my BB days. I'm a BBGSian from 1985-1995 (Graduated from class of 5Sc.4). Coming to know this blog and reading all those stories published simply brings back the memories which I cherished during those days in the school. I feel so honoured to be part of the heritage but each time when I look at Pavilion, it brings me great sorrow. I've only been there once to meet up with a friend for lunch. The first time I stepped into Pavilion, this is what I told myself: " this what used to be BBGS? We are that huge!!!" Then I started looking around and wondering about the location of the shops. Was I having my lunch at the primary school hall?

I'm finally growing out of the negative feelings and slowly beginning to accept the fact that it's no longer a suitable place for school. It's actually a good move to relocate the school though it's sad that most of the BBGS culture is no longer there in the new relocated school.

There's never a dull moment being part of this big family, and here are some of the memories from my school days:

EMBARASSING MOMENT: I still remember the 1st time ever when I was spot-checked in Form 1. That was D-day I'd never forget. Not because I brought something illegal to school. But being the naive 1st timer, when the prefect asked: "Did you wear your shorts today?". I frankly answered "Yes". And the next thing that happened, my *BERMUDA* was consficated. The reason was, we are only allowed to wear school shorts (in light blue), no Bermuda or what have you.

PROUD MOMENT: When we did our Choral Speaking in front of our ex-PM, Tun Dr Mahathir in 1994.

NEVER FORGOTTEN MOMENT: washing the toilet, floral arrangement, duty @ Co-op (if you can't find me in class, I'm at the Co-op!!), singing after the school assembly, Permission slips to go to McD, Mrs. Choe & her colour matching outfit!!

I'm now working with a multinational company as a Service Delivery Manager managing outsource vendors for a couple of countries in ASEAN. I've come along way to become who I am today, thanks to all the great values injected into me during my school days. I'm also a part time photographer, photographing children, families & babies. Hoping that I can quit someday and become a full time photographer :).

The ironic thing about my life is, I got married to a BB-boy 6 years ago. And my business partner in photography is also an ex-BB, whom we found each other via the WWW. Long live the BB spirit, in me, my hubby & my children...

Story aside, I got to know about the project that you ladies out there are working on for 4th August. Would love to be part of the event. Since I'm a photographer, myself and my dearest partner would love to take some photos for the event itself. So let me know if we can offer our service for this great event. Maybe setup a nice photobooth with some school props for some photosession hahha..*crazy ideas*

And you know what, even though you are so many years my senior, when I heard about your name, it sure rings a bell. You are that famous mind you :P

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