Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Candle 11: Noor Ashikin Ishak

Continuing with our Project Kindle series, here's a letter from Noor - who is searching for her classmates from the Class of 1977. If you'd like to get in touch, please send me an email at joannayeoh@gmail.com.

Hi Joanna

I once did a ‘shout’ on your blog. You responded by suggesting that I should 'write' instead. Not sure where to start. Guess I'll just have to introduce myself…

I am Noor Ashikin Ishak and I was in BBGS from 1973 to 1977. During that time, “remove classes” were still around. I was not a brilliant student, neither was I popular in school. Here are some of my memories:-

  • I used to try to “ponteng” the weekly Maclay’s house practices and got myself woken up by the librarian.
  • I tried to be polite to Ms Cooke one afternoon, by wishing her “Good afternoon” and got caught instead for my untidy (already) short hair! She did follow-up with me the next day, to see if I did something to have more decent hair!
  • My favourite teacher was Mrs Lian (class teacher of Special Remove Class 1).
  • My classmates in the third form (3 L),1975 includes Celia Foong (the famous model). Together with a few other girls, we went to watch few movies of the “WINNER” a HK/Taiwan band group.

My years in BBGS were the most interesting years of my teenage life. I appreciate the values that BBGS tried to instill. I have always been proud to be part of BBGS.

I am still in touch with few of my schoolmates. I will try to get them to write too.

Finally, like any other, I wish to get in touch with my old schoolmates. Hopefully, there are few, if not many, out there who recognise me.

Thank you for your initiative in keeping BBGS alive!



Poesy said...

I can get in touch with Cilla Foong! Her office is in Starhill Gallery. Met her on my first job when I was 14 years old shooting the Levi's 501 TVC..

Unknown said...

Hi Shikin,

This is Soo Ling, you rclassmate in Form Four Arts I Class of 1976. Please call me at 012 -3985101. Would love to catch up with you.

Noor said...

hi Poesy

m sorry for not responding earlier. Didnt expect any response! Yes, I would love to get in touch with Cilla Foong. Not sure if she can still remember, she is all the way up on the "star"hill..she was at the reunion, wasnt she?

Kak Long said...

AsSalam dear Shikin
I am rohana Abdul kahar classmate in 3L (1975), I can be contacted @ rohana.ak@gmail.com or 012 6595968.
Hope to hear from you soon.....
My thanks to Joanna for your initiatives.....