Friday, 6 February 2009

BB girls are everywhere

Hi Everyone,

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Lunar New Year to all who are celebrating this occasion. As I've been making my rounds in KL and Singapore, I've been pleasantly surprised by the number of BBGS girls who are popping up in the most random fashion.

  • the Property Manager in my KL condominium suddenly realises why I look so familiar
  • one of my sister's guests who stayed with us in Singapore declares that his sister (ex-BB)was shocked to learn that he was staying at "Joanna Yeoh's house"
  • housemate of another friend living close by is also surprised that "Joanna Yeoh" lives next door
That's not all. I've also run into BB girls in the unlikeliest places on my travels.

  • as my mom & I are buying a sandwich at Gardenia's in Cambridge (UK), someone yells "Mrs Yeoh! Joanna Yeoh! Fancy seeing you here?"
  • as I'm testing out a used car in Sydney (Australia), the potential seller looks at me and asks "Excuse me, aren't you Joanna Yeoh from BBGS?"
  • or how about the girl who dangled from the top bunk at the Mt. Kinabalu Rest House (Sabah) in the middle of the night and asked "Is that you, Joanna Yeoh?"

Have you experienced something similar? Let's hear about it.

Kind regards,


P/S: Please excuse the accidental bout of narcissim. I've just realised that my name appears 6 times in this short post.


Anonymous said...

I saw Marjorie on a Cathay Pacific flight recently. She is a flight attendant, for Business or First Class, if I am not mistaken. Did not know her in school but I immediately recognised her. Only said hi on my way out so did not take down her contact.

Moonlake Lee said...

I was walking at Tangs Department Store in Singapore near the closing time last year and happened to notice that the lady in front of me was wearing this cute jacket with the BBGS logo (remember the badge with Nisi Dominus Frustra) on it.

I tapped her shoulder once we were out of the store and asked her if she was a BBGS girl and identified myself.... Funny thing was she was a recent alumni from a few years ago...and all the girls in her year made a commemorative jacket with the OLD BBGS badge, not the current BBGS logo.

Naturally, i asked where i could get a jacket for myself..unfortunately, they only made limited number of jackets.

Poesy, I am in touch with Marjorie Tan. Will connect with you on Facebook. Was touched and inspired to read your story. Poesy/Joanna, thanks for sharing it.