Monday, 16 February 2009

Candle 9: Cheong May Yee

A friend dropped by for coffee last night, and she is none other than Cheong May Yee from the class of 1991. She is also fondly remembered as Minah Bunga or The Flower Girl because her family owns and operates My Fair Lady - the famous florist shop in KL. Today, May Yee has taken over the flower shop and is a successful business owner. She is married to an entrepreneur and they have a beautiful 20-month old son.

May Yee (in black) was delighted to find a copy of the 1991 school magazine at Joanna's place

Align CenterThe tete-a-tete lasted way past midnight especially after May Yee found a copy of her yearbook in Joanna's collection. She was tickled pink by photos of herself in the St. John's Ambulance uniform, teachers and other classmates as well. We caught up about each other's lives and told dozens of silly stories. So did her class always win the Floral Arrangement shield? Of course they did, at least once a month :-)

After that confession, May Yee agreed to extend a 20% discount to all BBGSians who would like to buy bouquets & arrangements from My Fair Lady. Contact her at and mention the school motto.

So there you have it, the first product tie-in for this blog. Any other girls want to offer products or services to fellow BBGSians? Just write in and let me know.

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Anonymous said...

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