Tuesday, 11 March 2008

A place to call our own

Judging from the response in this recent poll, it appears that many ex-BBGSians would love a place to call our own. A clubhouse of sorts. If it's on the site of the Pavilion, even better. After all, it's the classiest joint in KL and we were undoubtedly the classiest chicks in town. And very modest too! :-)

If we could have a little gallery or cafe, what would it look like? Perhaps it will be cozy, English-cottage styled, with liberal doses of BBGS-green? Or a more formal Georgian-styled dining room? Or maybe a 1950s Malayan-style tuckshop? We could fill it with loads of photos of the old school, old girls, trophies, memorabilia and lots of happy memories.

What would be on the menu? All our regular canteen and food-sale favourites, no doubt. I'm thinking of:
  • Sambal and sardine toasties
  • Coconut candy
  • Mrs Abraham's caramel fudge & pizzas
  • Mrs Chua's tiramisu
  • Mrs Aziz's rock buns
  • Sengkuang/Pineapple slices topped with red sweet sauce & peanuts
  • Ice balls with syrup
  • Ais kacang
  • Nasi lemak
  • Lam mee
  • Curry puffs, cakes, lepat pisang (and all other Home Science experiments)
  • Watery orange cordial served in grimy cups (err..maybe not!)
Any ideas, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Many flavors of ice-cream Malaysia.. i.e: asam boi, kacang merah, barli.

char kuey tuow

chee chong fun

Anonymous said...

Dear Joanne,

Hi there!

I was keeping myself updated with the BBGS new when I saw this post. Just thought you should know that I have vow never to step into Pavilion, the least I can do to protest against the horrible act of demolishing such an excellent school. Just thought you should know that I have been very successful. Unfortunately I can't say the same about my sisters who have all turn traitors and have felt helplessly, mindlessly in love with it.

So my suggestion is maybe we have "Our Own Place" somewhere else otherwise I won't be able to go =0D

Anonymous said...

i havent step into pavilion..i'm in a far away land called putrajaya ;p very boring and lifeless place!

i dont go as far as vowing not to step into pavillion but yes, i do feel guilty abt thinking of going there and maybe 'enjoying' myself there.

but, it would be cool if there's a clubhouse for us there..i agree..we are after all the classiest chicks in town ;p

Anonymous said...

Hi! was told of your blog by my good fellow BBGSian friend. Your mum was my Std 6 teacher. Anyway, I remember foodwise, Mrs Chua's sardine rendang, and also selling selaseh drink during foodsales.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanna! It's so nice to see that you have a long hair now.. at least you don't look so 'garang'.. heheh.

I love reading your entries in the blog.. it seems that I've been transported back in time. Good work! I love the idea of a clubhouse.

Can we have it a-la pre-war building like those classes in front of the school compound? I remembered playing netball there and can't help but to admire the authenticity of the old school. (Hey.. not everybody has the privilege of having a Rembrandt hanging at the back wall. well, mine has!)

I can't forget the 'makcik nasi ayam'.. with a stalk of fresh rose from her husband everyday. Seriously you can't find her famous 'sambal' elsewhere.. wonder she is now?

Also "asam boi ice-cream" uncle. I love the fact that the ice cream is fat & juicy rather than the thin one that we use to have.

And please let us have delish apple toffee, with roasted peanut on top.. yum yum!

Most memories of the school has already been embedded in our head, thus it will take a neuro surgeon to erase it from the brain, be it with Pavillion or without Pavillion.

Thank you for the wonderful memories Joanna!

Joanna Yeoh said...

Thanks for your kind words - about the blog and my long flowing locks. Good to hear I don't appear so "garang" anymore :-P

What is this asam boi ice cream I keep hearing about? I don't remember an ice cream man..where got? Someone help refresh my memory please?

Anonymous said...

oh my dear Joanna.. How can u forget the 'asam boi' ice cream? The uncle's ice container was just in front of the water stall.. He will cut the top of the ice cream and wrap it with nicely cut newspaper.. Seriously, we can't get that elsewhere.. Hey..! Prefects helped the water stall auntie right? So, the uncle was right in front of you.

Anonymous said...

don't forget that makcik selling nasi campur...her famous ayam goreng halia ...the 1st stall next to school run drinks stall...which i can't erase from my memory.