Friday, 29 February 2008

Sensible Soo Kit

Joanna with Soo Kit, and her little son Matthew

One of the greatest perks about my job is the travel. What better way to catch up with BBGSians who are dispersed all over the world!

Last week, I was in San Francisco and grabbed the opportunity to catch up with another long-lost friend. Soo Kit is also from the BBGS Class of 1987 and we were recently reunited on Facebook. It's been over 20 years since we last saw each other!

Kit migrated to Canada after SPM, and went on to become a hydro-geologist. She's married to David, an English professor, and they live in Oakland CA with their 1-year old son, Matthew.

One quality we all remember about Soo Kit is how sensible and level-headed she was. This led her to being elected class monitor 3 years in a row. "I hated it!", she recalls with much laughter. "It was torture when the half the class was made up of prefects who thought they knew better". We also had a good time chatting about nicknames (we used to call her 'Socket'), classmates, teachers and exchanging life stories in general. Thanks for the brunch, Soo Kit. It was wonderful catching up with you.

Here's a soundbite from Soo Kit - in her own words:


It is always so special to reconnect with those you have had a past with and I truly enjoyed our short time together.

As always, I expected you to be where you are at, accomplished and doing well for yourself, and of course, always keeping busy and occupied! Btw, you look great and I like the long hair better than the boy cut in school:)

Yes, I checked out the blog -- such flair for writing! Gosh , I am terrible and being a scientist does not help much, does it? The pic turned out great -- I will get a copy and keep it until the next time you are here doing your pHD in Berkeley, but by then, hopefully, you will be a regular and Matthew can expect Auntie Jo-jo to visit as much as she would like. Btw, thanks for the interactive dog --- he LOVES IT and is driving me nuts:)

Take care Joanna, and happy travels, rest well before your next stop --- Shanghai?

xoxo, Kit and Matthew


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note that you look great in this picture, and not like the fierce Joanna, my school head prefect who I was terrified off during school. I was in Class of 89.

fulltime mom

Joanna Yeoh said...

Thanks for the compliment. My hair stylist's name is Eugene - he'll be delighted to hear your review on my new identity!