Sunday, 2 September 2007

School Rules We Love to Hate

If there's one thing we all remember well about BBGS, it's the school rules. It kept us on the "straight and narrow" but in retrospect, we prefects may have been a little over-zealous in upholding the rules.

Here's a snapshot of some of the rules extracted from memory (which after 20-years is a little rusty):-

  • Keep left when walking up the stairs or along the corridor
  • No leaning on walls
  • Ear studs can be no bigger than 0.5 cm in diameter, earrings can be no bigger than a 20-cent coin(Malaysian currency)...some prefects actually carried rulers in their pockets!
  • Badges must be straight and aligned: school badge followed by house badge
  • Hair has to be tied once it's shoulder length (kudos to those who were brave enough to live with tufts of hair sticking out of their head for 6 months)
  • Only black ribbons allowed
  • Canvas shoes must be dazzling white (You should have seen the prefects frantically chalking their shoes before going on rounds)
  • Socks have to be ankle length
  • Nails have to be short, neat and clean (We prefects often had to witness impromptu manicures as our "victims" desperately resorted to using their teeth)
  • Language rules: English on Mondays, BM on Wednesdays, either language on all other days. Chinese dialects in very hushed tones in Canteen Block or behind the Gym


Admin said...

Wow! Amazing job with your blog! I'm just happy to see another BBGS related blog/website popping out. Whatever it takes to get the spirit alive. Do come visit ours!


Joanna Yeoh said...

Thanks Munira. Keep the BBGS flag flying high!

HSMN said...

during my time, ribbons could be black, white or dark blue. shoes must not have the brand name. that had to be kapur-ed (hehe) books such as Sweet Valley etc were not allowed. rubber bands had to be those plastic-y ones, and cannot be seen under the ribbon. no stepping on grass. you can only go to the loo/staffroom with a pass. you must wear shorts under your pinafore. baju kurung pockets must have a "butang ketip" oh the list goes on and on and on hehehe :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanna - What a lovely (I started writing 'nice' but remembered that Mrs Aziz forbade use of that adjective) surprise to find your blog. I was feeling a little nostalgic from my recent visit home for the Chinese New Year, and thought I would search the internet to see what I would find about BBGS.

We had a mini get-together of ex-BBGS-ians whilst tucking into sengkuang with peanuts and red sauce, sambal ikan bilis toasties - and we of course exchanged gossips and fond memories of Mrs Aziz, food sales, cleaning toilets.....

I had a few chuckles over your blogs, and enjoyed reliving the memories through your stories and photos. I think I might even have seen Amy & Angie in a couple of the pictures.

Best wishes, Audrey