Monday, 10 August 2009

Thank your for making my dreams come true

This week, I saw my dreams come true:

I heard our school song reverberate around the Pavilion,

I saw our school badge emblazoned all over the mall,

I embraced the teachers who inspired me to think, question and love

I watched grown women cry openly as Miss Cooke walked onto the concourse,

I took delight in Miss Moey's speech that with God all things are possible and how we must always stand noble and true

I was greeted as "The Blogger" instead of "You were my School Captain and I was terrified of you!"

In addition to the outpouring of support and donations, many kind words have also flowed in which I'd like to share with you.

From Miss Elena Cooke: That was great!

From Irene Yu: Wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for organizing the Back2BBGS event at the Pavilion - so much hard work had gone into it - making it a memorable event for every BBGS girl and Miss Cooke - it was certainly a labour of love and I am sure everyone would join me in saying well done! Syabas! It was a superb event! Plase convey this to the following and others whose names I am not aware of - I am sure that there are many more!!

From Valencia: Congratulations on a task well done and all the effort put in to make the event a memorable one. We appreciate your long hours and sleepless nights to ensure its sucess. God bless and regards.

From Chan Wai Fong: Brought my little girl to the BBGS event last night :-) This is the closest she can get to BBGS. Truth is...she did manage to bring home some of the good values and virtues and inspirations by just merely being at the event. Thank you BACK2BBGS committee...YOU ALL DID A SPLENDID JOB!

And since Joanna always has the last word...I'd like to add my personal THANK YOU to the organizing committee. Who are these Amazons who have pulled off a miracle in 6 weeks? Here they are.....

Front Row (L-R): Poesy, Izan, Lai Ying
Back Row (L-R): Khim, Winnie, Izreen, Kit, Wei Lee, Audrey, Anniza

I have seen them write songs (thanks Poesy & Winnie)

I have seen them write poems (thanks Wei Lee)

I have seen them write press releases & press kits (thanks Izan, Kit & Sow Yoong)

I have seen them write meeting minutes and bank resolutions (thanks Anniza, Izreen & Audrey)

I have seen them write application forms for DBKL license approval (thanks Kit & Winnie)

I have seen them write guest lists, purchase orders and sales receipts (thanks Khim, Winnie, Lai Ying, Kit and respective teams)

And here's the kicker...I have seen many of them and their friends write personal cheques because there was nothing in the kitty and vendors had to be paid ( know who you are...all the Misses Moneybags shall remain anonymous for their personal safety ;-)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for making my dreams come true and MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

P/S: You're welcome to join me in thanking and congratulating the team by adding a comment to this post.


Moonlake Lee said...

Wonderful post, Joanna. It was certainly a magical evening and Facebook and cyberspace was buzzing for days after.

I was personally energized and delighted to reconnect with so many familiar faces from the past.

Bravo to all you ladies who accomplished so much in so little time... and put yourselves on the line, financially, emotionally, physically, etc to make this event a reality.

Keep the school spirit burning bright.

Unknown said...

Kudos to all involved including the committee, choral speakers, choir members, emcee and volunteers for taking us down memory lane with Back2BBGS!

It was splendid indeed seeing our beloved teachers and so many die-hard BBGSians (still) from across the decades. You, organisers even got in touch with the the canteen aunty (who is now 85) along with the school caretaker and his family - amazing!

So a big thank you for all the toil and labour in making Back2BBGS happen.

"Name may change faces past but the tunes the same we'll make it last"

Chia Yen
Class of '96

Unknown said...

Thanks a million Joanna & the whole team for all your hard work & dedication. Was a dream come true to meet teachers, friends, & most of all getting "re-connected" with those we've long lost touch with..., truly this was more than just a one-time event!
Thanks again & God bless you-all richly!!! :-)

Unknown said...

Hey... and thanks Joanna herself for contributing so much to the team and the event despite being in Singapore! Without her (and her blog, of course), we wouldn't have Back2BBGS! Hip hip hooraaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Anonymous said...

Old girl - all said and done as reality sinks in - btw how much has been raised? Nothing is mentioned in your blog. Miss Cooke looks good and you guys did a wonderful job given the timeline.

Anonymous said...

A job well done in so little time given. How much money was raised during the event???

Unknown said...

I have heard that there is an OGA EGM this weekend, can you please provide me with the date, time, venue and also the agenda. Thanks.

Connie said...

Hi I am Connie from the Class of 1972 - cuedoes to Sow Yoong & team for this brilliant idea and getting this fund lunch. Must have had a wonderful time of getting together on 4 August. How much did you guys managed to raise? Whats the target? Great ideas and keep it going.

fievel said...

thank you thank you thank you..for all. It was great to reunite old friends and new. :)

Unknown said...

Dear Connie,

The credit goes fully to the Working Committee who worked very hard to put the event together within two months. They deserve all the praises for their dedication and sacrifices of resources, Kudos to the Working Committee headed by Lim Kit Wan!

Phang Sow Yoong
BBGS Old Girls' Association