Monday, 24 August 2009

Candle 23: Chong Wei Lian

Hi Joanna,

I came across your blog after reading about the "do" at the Pavilion. I am residing in Sydney and missed it. Thank God for the internet. At least I can read about some of the happenings and also see Miss Cooke in the photos.

OK, details about me:-
Name : Chong Wei Lian
BBGS Primary School : from 1967 to 1972
BBGS Secondary School : from 1973 - 1977

My years with BBGS? Much has been said about the teachers, games, choir speaking, the gym, etc, etc. Maybe I can spice things up by reminiscing about my personal experiences (apologies to those who I am going to borrow materials from for I cannot have experiences without interacting with others). My favourite memory is cooking. I have this wonderful, crazy friend who thinks there's "more to eat" by adding more salt, more flour, more of everything that we didn't have to bring ourselves. Needless to say the food is inedible! We still laugh about this till today.

Another wonderful, wonderful friend once borrowed a Mills & Boon book from me which I had borrowed from another friend (not from BBGS). For those of you who know how strict Miss Cooke is, this is right at the top of the "NO, NO" list. Of course we got caught. Miss Cooke has eyes behind her head.

Talking about saving us young ones from the evils of the world.....does anyone remember when the movie "The Exorcist" was released? There was such a huge public outcry that we were actually warned at assembly not to go and see this movie. Phew! Just as well or else there will be a few hundred more people at the Pavilion cinema :)

I suppose I can go on and on but it's getting late and I have more to cover. I noticed in your blog there is a

Noor Ashikin Ishak looking to connect with others in her year. I do not recall the face even though there's a photo but her name does ring a bell. Please ask her to write to me, would be good to catch up. There is also a Jenny Yim whom I had the pleasure of catching up with on my last trip back to KL and hope to be able to catch up again next trip.

If it is not too much trouble can you also please insert in your blog that I am trying to trace a Dorothy Ooi Kee Lim also of 1977. We have lost touch almost as soon as we left school.

Lastly, thank you very much for your effort of re-connecting all and sundry who have any connection with BBGS.

Well done!!!

Wei Lian

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