Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Looking for Leong Kit Lan

Announcing the launch of Lost and Found - another service community project for this blog. This is inspired by emails from girls who are looking for their long lost friends. So if you can help someone re-connect, do a good deed today by leaving a comment or sending me an email. We start today with a note from Christine Goh, who's looking for Leong Kit Lan.

Update on 2 August 2009

Hi Joanna,
Just to let you know that someone saw the post in the L & F section and told Kit Lan about it. We're now reconnected. Thanks so much! - Christine

Hi, Joanna,

My name is Christine Goh and I came upon your contact details when I was looking for a long lost friend. Her name is Leong Kit Lan, the BBGS school captain of 1977. We went to University Malaya together and were very good friends. When she left for Canada to complete her undergarduate studies, we eventually lost contact.

I remembered she was from BBGSKL and so after failing to get anything from Google and Facebook, I decided to try the BBGS blog. Would you happen to have Kit Lan's details? I'd appreciate it very much if you coud send me some information of her, as a group of us (her old 'gang') would love to get in touch with her again after all these years.


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Anonymous said...

Hi I am Cheng Mei Lan also Kit Lan's pal friend/classmate Form 5S1 1975. My email is I would like to contact you all.