Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Candle 7: Wong Mew Sum

What do 9 girls + 33 teachers add up to? One AMAZING reunion. A big Thank You to Wong Mew Sum (Class of 1987) who attended the Chinese New Year lunch at Lake Club last Saturday and sharing her photos and story with us. Our heartfelt thanks also goes out to Ms. Betsy Li who organised the gathering and invited the girls.

It was a mixture of anxiety and excitement for me; meeting the teachers for the first time after almost two decades. Mentally, I was trying to recall which teacher taught me which subject over the span of 5 years, as I made my way to the restaurant. And the thought of "Would I remember them? Would they at least place me in the year 1987?"

There were some whose faces I could remember, but could not quite recall their names. Most have not changed. They were all utterly surprised to see us, a pleasant surprise they all said. Some of us students had to do a quick check with each other-"the lady in red, what did she teach?" "Is that Mrs Chia or Mrs Chew?". "Modern Maths or Chemistry?". "Hey, Mrs Choe Ling - the glamourous Sejarah teacher!" "Mrs Mak -Form teacher of 3C1..she is still so poised!" . "What were some of the songs Mrs Abraham taught us?" "Mrs Betty Wong-telling us amazingly just how each vertebra fit into one another" "Mrs Chia-you taught me Modern Maths, I am sorry -I always failed Maths..

It was really so much fun! There were 9 of us who took up the invitation, 7 who graduated in the 80's and there were 2 from the year 1995. We had Ms Yeap to keep us company at the table-imagine the honour we had! We gossiped and gossiped, living out our hey days, letting out our many secrets from school... We all went home happy and elated that we had come and met one another. The bond that is BBGS lives on...

Wouldn't you have loved to be there? Maybe we can coordinate a mega reunion next year.

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Suji said...

Jeepers! I had goosebumps looking at all the familar faces :) Some of our ex-teachers don't seemed to have aged at all! It was lovely to "see" Ms Yeap again. :)