Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Candle 10: Moira Ainun

Hooray..we're got 10 candles lit to remember BBGS! This story and pictures were sent in by Moira Ainun, who started up a quarterly reunion gathering for classmates from her batch. Knowing how much work goes into planning reunions, I take my hat off to her. That's what we call commitment - enjoy her tale...

It all started with a Standard 6 class photo brought by May Yee to my Raya Open House last year. Both of us tried to recall as many girls as we could. All excited, we thought of how wonderful it would be to catch up with these girls. Since both May Yee and I met on Facebook and contacted quite a few girls from there, we started a group for our batch (called BBGS batch 1974) and began arrangements to meet up.

Our first meet was on 16 November 2008, a week before I was due to deliver my 3rd child. Although only ten girls turned up, it was great catching up. It was a nice trip down memory lane talking about what we bought in the canteen, the teachers as well as finding out more about other schoolmates. Old friendships were re-kindled and some new ones made (especially for me since I left in Form 1) Realising that there are quite a few girls are in our batch, we decided to hold meet ups every other month to allow more girls to meet up and catch up. Two more meets have happened since the first meet, one on 28th December 08 and another on the 15th of February 09. Although the groups have been small so far we hope that more girls will join our coming meets. We have scheduled another meet this April, June (two schoolmates that are in the US will be in Malaysia then), September and December.

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