Sunday, 21 October 2007

Tomasina Oh

I have just returned from another memorable BBGS reunion. We found Tomasina Oh and spent over 3 hours catching up on 20 years' worth of stories!

Joanna, Lu Meng & Tomasina

Dr Tomasina Oh (formerly known as Tommie) is now an Asst Professor at the National University of Singapore. She earned her PhD from Cambridge University and specialises in the psycho-linguistics. Tomasina is married to Steve and they have 2 beautiful boys: Hugo and Oliver.

Steve, Hugo, Tomasina with baby Oliver, Lu Meng & Jimmy

We had quick round of introductions, some tea & biscuits before all the boys were despatched to the void deck for a game of dodge ball. Meanwhile the girls retreated to the world of BBGS and laughed ourselves silly over stories of :-

  • a teacher who insisted that naive was spelt "na-eve"
  • another teacher who wanted us to make Valentine "koowshens"
  • yet another teacher who terrorised us in Geography class
  • the famous 3C1 vs 3K hockey game when the biggest team of misfits played the school hockey team and lost by only ONE goal. Tommie spent the entire game pretending to run around while avoiding the puck - "I was so scared of the ball!", she recalls
  • Tommie becoming a cheerleader because she couldn't bear the thought of running, high-jumping or throwing a javelin
  • the drama competition that we won by playing communists!
  • all the winning poems that we recited for Choral Speaking

We had so much fun that we're already planning our next tete-a-tete.

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