Tuesday, 2 October 2007

It's recess time!

I'm currently on vacation in the US visiting my sister, Julie. We've enjoyed countless hours of shopping, dining and chatting. Today, we started talking about BBGS and what we used to do at recess time. When the bell rang in the middle of the school day, we all had 20 minutes free to do anything we wanted. What did you do?

The first thing most of us did was to rush to the canteen for food, or to the toilets to...err..you know...

Some special activities all BBGSians shared include:
  • Class cleanliness - arranging desks in straight rows (using rafia string), sweeping the floor, cleaning the blackboard, preparing noticeboards, emptying wastepaper baskets
  • Floral arrangement - preparing posies or bouquets of fresh flowers to be placed on the teacher's table every week. It made such a refreshing difference
  • Toilet cleanliness - this sounds disgusting to a lot of people, but we took great pride in keeping our allocated toilets clean. Every girl, even the privileged ones with maids at home, had to clean toilets. No exceptions.

Having spent 70% of my school life as a prefect, I spent a lot of my recess time giving marks for class, floral and toilet cleanliness. Although during one care-free year in Form 3, a group of us got together to play rounders using badminton rackets for bats, and oranges for balls. Huh??!

But Julie tells me that non-prefects had more fun. Girls would gather to share their lunch-boxes and chat about everything. Julie even learnt to fashion different hair styles e.g. French plait during recess time.

What did you do at recess time? Please share your stories by posting a comment.

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