Monday, 5 November 2012

Game and Watch

To those of us who went to school in the '80s, it wasn't always about "five stones" or "catching" during playtime.  The electronics games industry was in its infancy and we wasted many hours glued to the screen playing games too.  In those days, Nintendo came up with a series of Game and Watch playthings that were all the rage.  Any girl who owned one of these gained instant celebrity status and became very popular especially before school and during recess. It's a wonder these weren't banned.

This version of Game and Watch called  "Octopus" turned me into a serious addict!

I posted this picture on Facebook and asked my friends for responses.  Here are some nostalgic (and hilarious) responses:

Vasanthi: I loved playing "Manhole" as well

Jin Hui:  I remember the one with the chef trying to catch food in a frying pan.  Was it called Chef?

Kar Hue:  Haha...I remember them all!  Twas one with Mickey Mouse collecting eggs

Patricia:  I remember playing, and playing in class too   (Joanna says: Hor..hor..Pat...I tell teacher then you know!)

Jenny:  I loved all these Nintendo games

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